Rainbow Friday by JH

“I once knew this girl. Small like a mouse she was … big eyes. And colourful ribbons; dancing kite ribbons in the playground. Red one day, blue the next and rainbow ribbons Friday. Didn’t say anything in the uniform rules about it; no mention of ribbons. Nothing I can remember about how far the socks must be up the shin. She always wore one half-mast. Always. I wondered how she managed it. Willpower, my Mam said …”

Yes, I know this is a poetry blog, but I’m chuffed to bits by the publication of my short story this week in the excellent Black Country Arts Foundry edited by Louise Palfreyman. If you’ve the time, please have a visit and give it the once over … it would make an old man very happy : ) xxx


Picture Credit:  Back alley, Adeline Street, Goole, by Mick Garratt (wikicommons)



  1. I keep coming back to this. It’s so good I wonder why I bother with my stuff. If you’ve time you might recognize the setting for my “A Silly Christmas Love Story” about another bossy girl who disappears at the end.

    • I went to Boothferry Road Junior School. We used to practise country dancing in the hall next to the playground on Dunhill Road (it was also the place where the Christmas nativity was performed). I remember being lined up on one side of the room with all the boys, while the girls lined up opposite. I don’t remember dancing at Goole Grammar School.

      I visited the junior school a couple of years ago and discovered it is now a community centre/arts gallery. They (very kindly) let me wander around inside. Interestingly, the smell was the same but the dimensions of the rooms had changed; everything felt so much smaller.

      I also remember Goole baths and the placement of a floor over the pool in winter when they used to have a Christmas craft fair. I smashed open my chin on the side of the swimming pool one time when I slipped as an eight year old. The attendant dragged me out of the water and told me to go and get it stitched up. Happy times!

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