November catch up … #poetry

It’s the penultimate day of November, a month of upheaval at Northern Towers during which time walls have been knocked down, baby grand pianos have been sold and removed, windows have been replaced and walls have been remade. The Kendal Mountain Literature Festival came and went, a number of submissions amounted to nothing and the occasional one stuck. Eye Flash don’t love me any more, but Helen Cox does, for Book End appears in ‘Light Through The Mist’ an anthology raising awareness of the plight of the homeless.

I have never seen so many quilted jackets in one place as at The Brewery a few weeks ago during the festival. The place was chocker full of fit millennials, who by and large left the launch of ‘This Place I Know’ to the wrinklier specimens of humanity, while they sat cross-legged at the feet of mountain gurus and stroked their Gore-tex in communal rapture. Those poets who read their poems from the anthology did so on a speeding conveyor belt (one poem, keep the intro babble to a minimum please) with the exception of one young thing who guest starred at the end with a couple of unrelated poems which quite frankly took the breath away with their wonderfulness. I enjoyed the company of the contributing poets, but felt ever so slightly part of a second tier during the occasion (probably all imagined as I’m somewhat touchy at the moment and can find fault in almost any situation regardless of its merits … ignore me; I’m rambling).


Anyhoo … The Caterpillar Magazine have published Bill The Bad (which can’t be bad can it?) using a wonderful artist by the name of Antonio Serrano Cervantes of Barcelona to illustrate the poem with a quite marvellous picture of a pirate. I couldn’t have hoped for a better depiction of Bill and I have added a link to his Instagram page so you can see his excellent creation … HERE !!!



  1. Joe and I were watching tv last night (Escape to the Country) and they were in your part of the world and my God it is gorgeous. We are now moving to the Lake District and I will come to hear you read your Gorgeous poetry in person!!!

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