Poem of the Week


So very pleased and excited that ‘Incoming’ was published as ‘Poem of the Week’ on the Yorkshire Times website, especially as it nestles among some work by folk I consider to be poetry gods (have a look to see what I mean … 🙂 )


I am not your enemy dear messenger,
but still your intent feels murderous.

And though your reckless, adrenaline
fuelled passes and dopplered cries

have sent these old instincts into full
flight mode, my head disappearing

into my shoulders, my fifty year old
body separated from my bicycle to lie

expediently on this damp grassy bank,
I cannot help but admire your bravery

and the skill with which you missed my
skull by inches. How were you to know,

my crescent beaked nemesis, that I am,
in fact, a fully paid up member of the

RSPB and have no designs on the eggs
you’ve hidden, but am, instead,

merely on my way back from buying
Morecambe Bay shrimps for my

mother-in-law, who, as well as liking
sea food, agrees with me that

curlews are lovely …


(Published in Curlew Calling (Numenius Press), Curlew Moon (William Collins), WriteoutLoud and The Yorkshire Times) 🙂 

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