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Saturday morning, back from Kendal market, coffee by my armchair and laptop on my … lap. Disappointingly low number of stalls in the market place; the council market rent is (so I’m told) driving traders away. This seems an absolute nonsense if correct. Kendal with a dwindling market will do nothing to encourage visitors and trade, which will have so many negative spin-offs that a re-think from our elected local officials seems to be in order. But that’s for another forum …

Also back from a few days at Edinburgh and all the fun of the Fringe. The weather was kind (all sorts of doom and gloom in the forecast). Chatted with some nice Americans on the train up who were doing castles around the country and Edinburgh was the next one on their list. Good choice in my opinion; been there a few times and it never fails to impress.

Ate out at a whisky restaurant, drank beer in a tented fringe village, saw a couple of brilliant shows (Leeds Tealights “It’s Not That Serious” and Goodbear’s “Dougal”) and geeked out on locations used for Avengers: Infinity War (the bit where Vision is attacked by the Black Order down Cockburn Street just outside Miss Katie Cupcake and around the back of St. Giles’ Cathedral).

In poetry news, listened to Simon Armitage read at the Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere (came home and blubbed while re-reading Zodiac T-Shirt); disappointing rejections of a couple of poems which I had high hopes about; other work out with other publications; sitting waiting for the thud on the carpet by the letter box when my contributor’s copy of Issue #37 arrives from the lovely folk at Obsessed With Pipework (two of mine involved … Slow Move To Fall and Still Life, which I’ve included in this post underneath the photies … 🙂 )

Waiting for Vision, Scarlet Witch and the Children of Thanos to turn up …
Leeds Tealights
The guys from Goodbear
Old git indicates his approval …


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