A Little Bit Of Jam In Marsden

Moan, moan, moan …

Apologies to all who witnessed the outburst of self-pitying drivel that appeared here a few days ago, complaining about being left dangling by certain publications, a forgotten sloe on an inaccessible blackthorn bush where local blackbirds have decided to go on a sloe-free diet and passing hikers have their minds on beer and other more important things than to stop and pick fruit at the far end of a tortuous metaphor …

All is well again, as almost immediately after I’d slammed the WordPress publish button and responded to supportive poets who’d kindly sympathised with the injustice of the situation, I had a couple of other responses from editors whom I’d categorise as “lovely” and “definitely on my Christmas list” to let me know of acceptances.

So, now that that is out of the way, I can report on my trip into the Pennines on Sunday where the 27th annual Marsden Jazz Festival was taking place along with Write Out Loud’s Poetry Jam in a dampish marquee and where the smell of bacon wafting through at intervals competed for my attention along with noisy conversations outside the tent and those reading on the open-mic inside it.

The usual thing happened on the journey and I got a little lost due to an unexpected road closure on the A62, but fortunately the diversion signs eventually rescued me and after a bit of a detour, I arrived ridiculously early. I parked opposite the church and coffee was had at No. 11 Station Road before I wandered around in the light drizzle, taking in the sights of Marsden and thinking what a nice place it would be in which to live.

I signed up for the open-mic, met Greg Freeman in the flesh (nice bloke) and listened to a couple of hours of wonderful poetry before getting the opportunity to read to an appreciative and knowledgeable audience of WOLers, after which the main attraction of poetry god John Foggin got on the stage and did his thing (a full report by Greg appears >>> HERE ).

Poet reads poem but thinks about bacon sandwiches

Afterwards, I beetled across to the Enjoy Art shop where copies of Maytree Press publications were on display. I wanted to have a good look at their poetry collections and see if the pamphlets without illustrations matched the quality of between two rivers (which of course they did). I especially wanted to have a look at the two most recent publications by Pauline Rowe (The Ghost Hospital) and Clint Wastling (Layers), but unfortunately none were available at that time.

Driving back home was uneventful, although the M6 southbound was chokker due to a nasty looking accident near the M55 turn-off.

In other poetry news, Dandelion Sun has found a home in Issue#6 of Bonnie’s Crew, I’ve tried again with another submission to Barren Magazine and I will be reading at Kendal Mountain Literature Festival on Saturday 16th November in the Carnegie Library where we have been assured there will be beer 🙂



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