Adrenaline Junkie #Fledge

One from the collection …sparrow2

Adrenaline Junkie

An eyeflash hint of speed
followed by car alarm blackbirds
and I know you’ve tested the air again;

surfed a low profile wave
in a high stake hawk ride,
navigating marginal branch gaps
and scaring little brown jobs witless,
while beaks from tree and bush
alert the neighbourhood watch.

Standing still, I stay and wait,
late rewarded with an appearance,
stick legs in fluffed up pantaloons,
short stay juvenile power perching on my gate,
a striped waist-coated bully,
Shakespeare’s eyas-musket, young eyes wide,
wondering why this foray ended in failure;

no satisfying explosion of feathers
at the end of a breakneck career
through the field by this hedgerow,
planted fifteen years ago in hope of encounters
with feathered adrenaline junkies,
looking for thrills and spills
and old dozy pigeons.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Claire Griffel says:

    Hi Johnathan zoom us blurred ..can you check this? x

    1. I took the picture in a bit of a hurry. The poem is underneath. 🙂 x

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