This time of year, when the field out the back of our house is teeming with wildlife, inspiration to write poetry manifests itself in many forms. Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of watching a queen wasp construct a nest from wood pulp chewed off the outside of Fiona’s shed; blackbirds, sparrows, bluetits and (gasp) bullfinches have all built nests in and around our hedges and trees; field mice continue to raid our greenhouse; two (yes two) hedgehogs regularly visit in the twilight hours; a parliament of rooks have been wrecking the peanut feeder and a rat occasionally puts in an appearance in the veg patch.

In the field itself, the biggest show-off this year has been the dandelion, which I’ve assiduously avoided when mowing so that bees and the like get a nice feed. I have to say, although not to everyone’s taste, I do like a dandelion and have written a couple of poems and a short story with this flower as a focus. I’ve also discovered a South Yorkshire artist who creates beautiful wild life images, one of which features bees feeding from dandelions that I fell in love with at first sight.


Suzi Thompson is a wonderful printmaker who works in Barnsley producing marvellous pictures, notebooks and cards featuring hares, wrens, swallows, badgers, flowers, grasses and much much more. Her ‘Bee Feed’ (above) was the picture that first caught my eye and is one that I think captures perfectly the idea and feeling of a poem I wrote called ‘Dandelion Sun’.

It is a wonderful piece of art, more of which can be found on Suzi’s Instagram page here >>> CLICK

Here are a few other images from May in Lockdown at Northern Towers, including a birthday and a couple of poems as well.
JH : ) x

P.S. ‘Birds’ is composed and performed by my friend Nic Evennett, who is a bloody genius 🙂

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