Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

I took the test again today. Turned on Radio Four.
Listened to a story about the homeless.
Then came kids orphaned by bomb blasts
in another country.
But that was too hard,
so I moved on …

Started up the car instead of doing the walking thing;
it was raining and I needed stuff from the supermarket.
Saw a dead cat on the road side;
shame, I thought.
Not my fault, not my problem.
Moved on …

Joined the miserable in yet another shopping experience;
thought, fuck, it’s busy in here.
Stopped by the bargain counter;
cheap factory farmed meat and sweat shop shirts. Pushed that stuff to the back
of my budget mind.

Don’t shake that tin in my face pal;
looked the other way
went down a different aisle.
Bought a 5p shopping bag.
Got home and liked a page on Facebook;
supporting Cumbria Library Services.

I’ll take the resit tomorrow …

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