And Yet #Solstice

And Yet Curtains remain drawn, as the day comes with rain like a returning memory. In darkness, early moments rest on heavy eyes, closed to a wave of sickness. In the residue of cracked ashtrays and stale alcohol, sit diary entries of dissolute nights with succubae; a debt of bad shillings that smothers and oppresses….

Bonnie’s Crew #6 – December 2019

Another lovely issue from Bonnie’s Crew. Go and check it out here >>> Issue #6  raising money for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. … and while you’re there, don’t forget to look at page 9 😉 Cover artwork by Penny Sharman

Bonnie’s Crew #5 – October 2019

Originally posted on Bonnie's Crew:
Welcome to the October issue of Bonnie’s Crew. In this issue we have a fortune cookie that encourages free will, a rowan tree, a guitar, poems by medical professionals and therapists, a long poem about a ska band, and much more besides. Trigger Warning/Content Note for: hospitals, death, bereavement, baby…

Bonnie’s Crew Issue#1

Click here I feel so pleased and honoured to be part of this first issue. Read the back story to the creation of this lovely publication and you will see why. Thank you Kate and Bonnie. JH xxx And Yet Curtains remain drawn, as day comes with rain like a returning memory. In darkness, early…

Bonnie’s Crew

Such an excellent endeavour, raising a bit of cash for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund / Leeds Congenital Hearts, with money generated from Bonnie’s Crew (Kate Garrett’s poetry site) being used by Leeds General Infirmary Congenital Hearts Unit. I am very happy if any poem of mine can be helpful in such a wonderful cause … good…